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This two-day seminar is designed for couples who want to focus on the day to day as well as the more fundamental challenges of their intimate relationship. The aim is to develop a relationship that builds on a dynamic as well as a realistic picture of the other thereby achieving a closer and deeper relationship. In the seminar, we focus on the understanding of the processes that lie behind our differences and frustrations.

The relation is the focus and the task is to work with the process we call the Dialogue of Acknowledgment. Our presupposition is that our early relations greatly influence later intimate relations as the ‘early drama’ is re-enacted in the context of the couple.

Method and theory will be presented through lectures, video-clips, demonstrations, and exercises focusing on communication techniques and processes as well as through writing exercises based on an extensive manual handed out at the Seminar. Necessary support during these processes will be available throughout the seminar, provided by Kirsten and Piet as well as by other couples therapists.

The presentations are made before the whole group but all private matters are shared only among partners to uphold a sense of safety during the whole seminar.

It is our experience that the plenary sessions constitute an inspiring possibility for sharing experiences, but at the same time we also stress that it is entirely your own choice whether to share or not.


Seminar for couples – ”The Vibrant Relationship”


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The seminar is based on:

“The Vibrant Relationship” – A handbook for couples and therapists.

“The Vibrant Family” – A handbook for parents and professionals

Both Karnac, London 2011.

Buy the book here

Buy the book here

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