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In our Seminars and in the actual framing of Relationship Focused Therapy we build on the understanding of the close connection between attachment and the development of the capacity for Mentalization.

In our work with couples and parents, we use The Dialogue of Acknowledgment, inspired by Carl Rogers’ Client-centered Therapy, as well as Imago Couple Relationship Therapy to work on old attachment patterns, augmenting the capacity for Mentalizing and thereby developing an acquired secure attachment pattern. Our focus is on the dialogue, the contact, and the space in between the couple/parents.



“Our focus is on the dialogue, the contact, and the space in between the couples and parents.”

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In a caring and inquisitive way, the therapist explores together with the couple/parents their actual relational challenges to re-establish a more secure attachment thereby facilitating the further development of their respective abilities for Mentalization. In this way, by making space for their autobiographic narrative, the couple is supported in their understanding of the background for the breakdown of their capacity for Mentalization. Furthermore, support is given to the process leading away from survival strategies towards new capacities of acknowledging the differences between partners, parents, and all other intimate and/or professional relationships.

In the Mentalization-based Therapy it follows that the therapist must also be actively mentalizing in relation to the clients by being attentive, open, and present.

The Dialogue of Acknowledgment is a way of preventing further strains when the family is under pressure, whether external or internal.

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